Emerging Risk for Public Schools: Risk, Coverage and Opportunities

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference Robert Bambino, CPCU, ARM, Wright Risk Management Company, Tim Lyons, Munich Re, and Eric Stark, Carmel CSD discuss the new and emerging risks for the public school sector.  This presentation’s focus was to plan for the future. There was a survey conducted and sent to K-12 public school administrators, […]

Predictable is Preventable: Understanding Real Risk Management

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference, Gordon Graham, Lexipol discussed how to better protect their agencies and employees as well as help individuals with their organizations to integrate risk management into daily routines by identifying the 10 families of risk.  10 Families of Risk Family 1 – External Environment – Risks arising from outside the […]

Perception Versus Reality in Police Brutality Litigation

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference, a session discussed real-world examples of high-profile police shootings where media coverage and public perception impacted litigation with allegations of police brutality. The speakers included: Michele Molinario – Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC John DiCaro – Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC Are there more officer-involved shootings now […]

Engaging Your Community: Addressing Your Risk Exposures

Michael Fann, ARM-P, MBA, The Pool-TN and George Dalton, ARM-P, MCM, The Pool-TN address the risk exposure communities are suspect to during a session at the 2017 PRIMA conference. Most members of the general public appreciate the services that the governmental entities provide, but there is potential for the encounter to be negative or adversarial. […]

Developing a Municipal Threat Assessment Program

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference, a session discussed development of a municipal risk assessment program. The speakers were: Dan Hurley – Risk Manager, City of Chesapeake, VA Marilyn Rivers – Director of Risk and Safety, City of Saratoga Springs, NY A threat assessment is designed to determine vulnerabilities of employees to physical harm. Public […]

Before-During-After – An Effective RTW Program

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference a panel explains how an effective return-to-work program includes much more than light duty. A complete program includes planning and analysis that takes place before an accident or injury occurs. The panel for this session includes: JJ Schmidt, Senior Vice President-Managed Care, York Risk Services Group Kimberly Wickert, Vice […]

Addressing Sexual Misconduct and Bullying in Schools

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference, a panel discussed issues pertaining to sexual misconduct and bullying in schools. The panel included: Beth Capek – Vice President, Claims Client Manager, Munich Reinsurance America Lance Hammond – Director Risk Management Department, Clear Risk Solutions Catalina Sugayan – Partner, Sedgwick LLP Sexual Misconduct Sexual misconduct cases can result […]

Is a Captive Right For Your Organization?

Utilizing a captive is often considered the highest form of self-insurance, but is it right for your entity? There are many reasons for a public entity to consider forming a captive, and just as many reasons not to form one. This session walked through the evaluation process and provided practical knowledge on how to analyze […]


Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims Costs Through Proactive Claims Management

Workers’ compensation costs throughout the U.S. have increased by 8-10% over the past few years. This may be attributed to an increase in medical costs and wages, which in turn raises the indemnity payouts. There are two ways to decrease these costs: (1) have fewer injuries and (2) improve management of the injuries when they […]

Settlement or Trial

At the 2016 PRIMA Annual Conference, Richard Spiers from Genesis Management and Insurance services discussed the decision process on whether to take claims to trial or pursue settlement. Why trial? Sometimes a trial is your only alternative due to excessively large demands, unclear and unproven facts that sound bad, or damages that are larger than […]

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