Maximizing Efficiency and Streamlining Claims Management Processes

In the fast-paced world of insurance and claims administration, the ability to efficiently manage claims is essential for organizations to provide timely and effective services to their clients. In the current digital age, various technological advancements help pave the way for transformative solutions in claims management. From automated workflows to data-driven decision-making, organizations have better […]

Drug Exposure: Watching Out for First Responders

Opioid prescriptions have declined sharply over the last several years, but drug overdose continues to be a major cause of accidental death throughout the United States. Illicit opioids, especially synthetics like fentanyl, continue to be the primary causative agent, but stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine are also becoming more prevalent. A first responder may encounter […]

Ingredients for Success: Best Practices for Claims Administrations Working with their Insurers and Reinsurers

With social inflation and nuclear verdicts on the rise, it is critically important for all stakeholders to work together. Risk management programs thrive when local governments and intergovernmental risk pools work effectively with their insurers and reinsurers. In this session at PRIMA 2024, a panel of experts considers the top “pain points” in these relationships, […]

Leverage in Negotiations: Structured Settlements

In this session from PRIMA 2024, Colin Finn, Vice President of Structured Settlements at Alliant, focused on the ways public entities effectively use structured settlements to combat the alleged damages brought by plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Learn how structured settlements add leverage to the negotiating table while providing credibility that yields higher closure rates […]

Navigating Musical Chairs: Unconventional Approaches to Developing Risk Management Expertise

Effective public-sector risk managers have specialized institutional knowledge and unique skills. When one of us retires or moves to other opportunities, it often begins a cycle of vacancies as risk management shifts among a region’s agencies. But in this constantly changing industry, stability, and reliability are crucial qualities for a risk management team. In this […]

Big Brother at Work: Ins and Outs of Workplace Privacy

In this session at PRIMA 2024, Jessica Osborne and Liani Reeves, attorneys at Miller Nash LLP, identify and discuss employer obligations and limitations relating to privacy and confidentiality. They also evaluate specific examples of how privacy and confidentiality rights are applied in the workplace, developing an understanding of federal laws and cases and how to […]

First Amendment Auditors: What Public Agencies Need to Know

Surprise visits from “First Amendment auditors” (self-identified individuals who photograph/video public facilities) are on the rise. Not just posing possible litigation issues, the “auditors” attempt to provoke public employees to limit First Amendment rights and post the interaction on YouTube/social media which allows them to make money from a high quantity of views. In this […]

Local Government Goes to Washington: Supreme Court Cases Affecting Local Government Entities and Officials

The United States Supreme Court constantly re-writes the rules for public entities and officials. Higher courts are tackling cases that affect local governments. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court is addressing free speech rules governing public officials in O’Connor-Ratcliff v. Garnier (whether public officials violate the First Amendment if they block a constituent on social […]

Beyond Liability: Obstacles and Opportunities in Law Enforcement Risk Management

In law enforcement circles, risk management is often equated with legal updates and liability training classes, but it really is much more than that. A careful strategy can only do so much. New threats are constantly arising on the scene, leaving fresh challenges for the police force. At PRIMA 2024, industry expert, Greg Veitch revealed some […]

Mastering the Mental Load of First Responder PTSD Through Resiliency

First responders often carry lingering mental images of crisis and overarching feelings of despair. When a shift is over, firefighters, police officers, and dispatchers go to their homes and families, expected to enjoy their off time, but instead are filled with sadness. Brains are trained to process trauma the same way, but individual coping capacity can […]

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