Addressing Municipalities Biggest Workers’ Compensation Challenges

This live edition of “Out Front Ideas” at PRIMA’s 2018 Annual Conference featured a panel of public entity risk managers discussing their biggest workers’ compensation challenges and how they are overcoming them. Panelists included: Mark Walls – VP of Communications and Strategic Analysis – Safety National Kimberly George – Senior VP of Corporate Development, M&A […]

Disruptive Technologies: The Public Sector’s Role

In this brief session at PRIMA’s 2018 Annual Conference, Jose Peralta, ARM – Director of Public Sector Practice – Aon, highlighted the involvement of smart cities and the need of risk management to be consistently and intimately involved in the research, development, and execution of technology advancement initiatives. As urbanization in the U.S. and globally continues to grow, […]

Police Response to Mental Illness Crises

At this session at PRIMA’s 2018 Annual Conference, Chief Ken Wallentine, Senior Legal Advisor, Lexipol, led a discussion around mental illness and how police respond. Ken Wallentine is a Special Agent of the Utah Attorney General Investigation Division, where he directs the Attorney General Training Center and provides use of force training and coordinates the virtual […]

Workplace Violence: Planning and Response

At the 2018 PRIMA Annual Conference, Regan Rychetsky, President and CEO of Insight Workplace Solutions, LLC, discussed workplace violence. All employers should establish a policy and protocols addressing workplace violence including domestic violence. The domestic violence piece is often overlooked and is one of the most common sources for workplace violence. Employers should establish a […]

Achieving Success in your Workers’ Compensation Program

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference a panel discussed strategies to for addressing cost drivers in your workers’ compensation program. The panel was: Edward Canavan – VP Workers’ Compensation Practice and Compliance, Sedgwick Dawn Watkins – Director Integrated Disability Management, Los Angeles Unified School District Zachary Gifford – Associate Director Systemwide Risk Management, The California […]

How Advocacy Impacts Claims Management 

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference a panel discussed how an advocacy approach can impact your claim managment program. The panel was: Dawn Watkins – Director Integrated Disability Management, Los Angeles Unified School District Kevin Confetti – Deputy Chief Risk Officer, University of California Teresa Bartlett – SVP Medical Quality, Sedgwick An advocacy based claims […]

Essential Elements of School Risk Control Programs

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference Ariel Jenkins, CSP, MBA, ARM-E, Safety National and Kevin O’Sadnick, CSP, Safety National lead a conversation on the essential elements of school risk control programs.  School visitor management consists of entrance hardening (add extra set of doors or windows visitors have to check in), criteria for visitors (parents, teacher […]

Emerging Risk for Public Schools: Risk, Coverage and Opportunities

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference Robert Bambino, CPCU, ARM, Wright Risk Management Company, Tim Lyons, Munich Re, and Eric Stark, Carmel CSD discuss the new and emerging risks for the public school sector.  This presentation’s focus was to plan for the future. There was a survey conducted and sent to K-12 public school administrators, […]

Predictable is Preventable: Understanding Real Risk Management

At the 2017 annual PRIMA conference, Gordon Graham, Lexipol discussed how to better protect their agencies and employees as well as help individuals with their organizations to integrate risk management into daily routines by identifying the 10 families of risk.  10 Families of Risk Family 1 – External Environment – Risks arising from outside the […]

Perception Versus Reality in Police Brutality Litigation

At the 2017 PRIMA Annual Conference, a session discussed real-world examples of high-profile police shootings where media coverage and public perception impacted litigation with allegations of police brutality. The speakers included: Michele Molinario – Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC John DiCaro – Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC Are there more officer-involved shootings now […]

Safety National is a proud sponsor of Kids’ Chance of America, a charity that provides need-based educational opportunities and scholarships for the children of workers seriously injured or killed on the job.



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