Navigating Musical Chairs: Unconventional Approaches to Developing Risk Management Expertise

Effective public-sector risk managers have specialized institutional knowledge and unique skills. When one of us retires or moves to other opportunities, it often begins a cycle of vacancies as risk management shifts among a region’s agencies. But in this constantly changing industry, stability, and reliability are crucial qualities for a risk management team. In this […]

Beyond Liability: Obstacles and Opportunities in Law Enforcement Risk Management

In law enforcement circles, risk management is often equated with legal updates and liability training classes, but it really is much more than that. A careful strategy can only do so much. New threats are constantly arising on the scene, leaving fresh challenges for the police force. At PRIMA 2024, industry expert, Greg Veitch revealed some […]

Mastering the Mental Load of First Responder PTSD Through Resiliency

First responders often carry lingering mental images of crisis and overarching feelings of despair. When a shift is over, firefighters, police officers, and dispatchers go to their homes and families, expected to enjoy their off time, but instead are filled with sadness. Brains are trained to process trauma the same way, but individual coping capacity can […]

Is Wearable Tech a Worthy Investment?

The wearables market is growing rapidly, presenting users with new ways to engage with technology. With all the various types of wearable technology available, it can feel overwhelming for many organizations. And while these devices have the potential to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), how can companies determine what option is right for their goals? In […]

A Risk Control Program that is Just Right: Risk Management and the Goldilocks Effect Focus

Just like Goldilocks, developing a risk control program for your agency that is just right is a bit of trial and error; but understanding the level of risk services will benefit both the agency and its employees. In this session at PRIMA 2024, Erike Young, Deputy General Manager of the California Intergovernmental Risk Authority (CIRA), […]

Public Entity Industry: Risk Management & Civil Unrest

In this session at RIMS 2024, a panel of experts discussed current public entity risk management challenges related to civil unrest and their related approach to them. Speakers included: Mark Walls, Vice President of Client Engagement at Safety National Karen Caterino, Senior Vice President at Alliant Risk Management Services Dawn Watkins, Chief Risk Officer at […]

Ergonomic Strategies for the Aging Workforce

Effective ergonomics help all employees, but even more so the aging workforce. In this session at RIMS 2024, Ariel Jenkins, Assistant Vice President of Risk Services at Safety National, highlighted trends related to aging American workers and ergonomic strategies to help keep them safe in the workplace. Workers over the age of 55 represent a […]

Creating a Shield of Safety – Building Trust and Preventing Sexual Abuse

Your organization could face a serious liability challenge with a sexual abuse or molestation (SAM) claim as nuclear verdicts and defense costs surge and increased/indefinite statutes of limitations change filing requirements. In this session at RIMS 2024, Susan Thomson, Director – Public Entity Underwriting at Safety National, highlighted strategies that organizations can take to mitigate […]

Higher Education Industry: Emerging Risk Management Issues & Strategies

Every day, risk professionals in higher education help find ways to say yes to new ideas, initiatives, and opportunities, while managing and mitigating potential impacts to institutional resources. In this industry session at RIMS 2024, experts explored how risk managers can address a variety of emerging risks as an enterprise-wide initiative that involves every department […]

Managing Cloud Risk

Cloud downtime is a growing third-party risk for organizations of every size, across all sectors. At RIMS 2024, Rick Wong, Head of Insurance at Parametrix, explored the risks related to cloud reliance. The cloud is one of the biggest digital risks for businesses today. The two main factors of cloud risk include the unavailability of […]

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