Maximizing Efficiency and Streamlining Claims Management Processes

In the fast-paced world of insurance and claims administration, the ability to efficiently manage claims is essential for organizations to provide timely and effective services to their clients. In the current digital age, various technological advancements help pave the way for transformative solutions in claims management. From automated workflows to data-driven decision-making, organizations have better […]

How to Evaluate and Effectuate Settlements?

A belief unanimously shared in the Workers’ Compensation claims handling industry is that the best possible outcomes are either a complete trial win or a financially favorable settlement. At the 2023 Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference, experts addressed the “best practices” to help prepare for both outcomes. Through both employer and claims management perspectives, specific […]

Cumulative Trauma Claims

While many workers’ compensation claims involve a specific injury or event, cumulative trauma claims can involve injuries that occur over a longer period. This timeline creates both challenges and opportunities to achieve a better claims outcome. At the 2023 Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference, a panel explored some foundational data and opportunities to more effectively […]

The Impact of Comorbidities

We all know how much pre-existing conditions can affect the outcomes of your claims. They can prolong disability time frames, exponentially increase claim costs, and more. At the 2023 Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference, a medical panel discussed the barriers that can occur from comorbidities and how to avoid their associated pitfalls. Speakers included: Zack […]

Slips, Trips, and Falls… Still the Uncontested Leader of Claims After All These Years

One of the leading causes of work-related injuries is slip, trip, and fall claims. To address this business risk, it is important we understand what causes these events, and determine the standard of care and best practices to consider when looking for solutions and risk treatment options. In this session at WCI’s 2023 Workers’ Compensation […]

Carrier Resources to Help Drive Down Losses

Are you using the benefits provided by your insurance partners to their maximum benefit? Are you familiar with available training resources? Are your loss runs customized to fit the goals of your organization? Between the analytical capabilities of your TPA, the on-site training and specialized services of your excess carrier, and the business management insight […]

Finding New Value in Data and Enhancing Its Utilization

We have seen significant shifts in many aspects of the employment environment over the last several years – generational workforce changes, expectation of remote work options, cultural and societal shifts, and wage inflation to name a few. Additionally, we have seen a significant increase in the use of technology in all aspects of our lives, […]

Stress and Anxiety: Drivers of Poor Workers’ Compensation Outcomes

This session from RIMS 2023 examined two often overlooked factors that contribute to poor workers’ compensation outcomes. Speakers included: Kimberly George, Global Head of Product Development and Innovation at Sedgwick Bryon Bass, Senior Vice President, Workplace Absence at Sedgwick Stress and anxiety can have dire effects on workers’ compensation outcomes, impacting areas like tissue healing, […]

Risk Challenges Facing Companies in Transition: New Businesses, Big Growth, Restructures and Change

The last few years have been major challenges for risk managers. Besides COVID-19, risk managers have had to face dramatic changes in business demands, supply chain and economic disruptions, the Great Resignation, court shutdowns, “yo-yoing” workers’ compensation costs, hard insurance markets, work-from-home and return-to-the-workplace issues. Some companies got bigger by growth or acquisition, some went […]

Risk Managers Discuss Their Strategies in Producing Quality Claims Outcomes

What are the most important focuses for workers’ compensation programs that lead to quality claims outcomes and what are the claims strategies and initiatives that best drive results? At the 2021 Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference in Orlando, a a panel of risk managers share what has worked well for them, and how they drive those […]

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