Drug Exposure: Watching Out for First Responders

Opioid prescriptions have declined sharply over the last several years, but drug overdose continues to be a major cause of accidental death throughout the United States. Illicit opioids, especially synthetics like fentanyl, continue to be the primary causative agent, but stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine are also becoming more prevalent. A first responder may encounter […]

Gen rX – The Next Generation of Medicine

Medical technology, treatments, delivery and even payment mechanisms are evolving. In this session at NCCI’s AIS Virtual Conference, Raji Chadarevian, Director of Medical Regulation and Informatics, highlighted new developments and offered insight into what the near future may hold for workers’ compensation. Delivery Who Is Delivering Medical Services? In 2012, nonphysicians made up 47 percent […]

The Casualty Claims Environment in 2020 – Pandemic and All

With new generations entering the workforce and technology offering new data and resources, claims management has certainly evolved over the years. In contrast, antiquated administrative processes and outdated claims handling objectives remain prominent. In this session at the WSIA 2020 Annual Conference, Max Koonce, Chief Claims Officer of Casualty at Sedgwick, offered insight into the […]

Managing Pain Through the Power of Technology

Use of telehealth is expected to grow by 15 percent in 2020. With so many new adopters, it is worth exploring the possibility that this technology could help decrease the use of opioids by injured workers. In this session at WCI’s 2019 Educational Conference, panelists discussed the physical and biopsychosocial components of pain and how […]

Pot, Pills, and People

At the 2019 Executives in Workers Compensation Conference, a panel discussed pain management challenges and solutions. The speakers were: Mark Pew – SVP Preferred Medical Kathleen Collins – Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Craig Hospital Jamie Goff – Director of Workers’ Compensation Claims, BETA Healthcare Group Kevin Roberts – Partner, Hanna Brophy The opioid epidemic has evolved […]

Exploring the World of Opioid Alternatives

Opioids are associated with many physical, psychological and socially adverse consequences and have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Despite the danger they pose and lack of literature to support their efficacy in chronic pain, opioids continue to be prescribed frequently to injured workers. This session at WCI’s 2018 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference explored […]

California Drug Formulary Performance Results

After several years of research, debate and planning, the Pharmaceutical Drug Formulary went live in the California workers’ compensation system on January 1, 2018. At WCI’s 2018 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) President, Alex Swedlow, presented the consequences of adoption that other states might consider in developing their own formulary. The […]

Addressing Municipalities Biggest Workers’ Compensation Challenges

This live edition of “Out Front Ideas” at PRIMA’s 2018 Annual Conference featured a panel of public entity risk managers discussing their biggest workers’ compensation challenges and how they are overcoming them. Panelists included: Mark Walls – VP of Communications and Strategic Analysis – Safety National Kimberly George – Senior VP of Corporate Development, M&A […]

Marijuana and Opioids in Workers’ Compensation

At the 2018 NCCI Annual Issues Symposium, David Deitz, MD, and Raji Chadarevian from NCCI discussed the use of medical marijuana and opioids in workers’ compensation. The number of claims that included the use of opioid medications in workers’ compensation decreased 12% from 2014 to 2015 and 8% in from 2015 to 2016. Overall, opioid […]

Opioid Litigation and Coverage Issues

At the 2018 RIMS Annual Conference, a session discussed the wave of litigation against pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and distributors related to the opioid epidemic. The panel included: John Denton – Managing Director, Marsh Anna Engh – Partner, Covington & Burling, LLP We all remember past litigation by governmental entities against industries for the ills of […]

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