Workers’ Compensation and “Medicare for All”

At the 2019 NCSI Annual Meeting, Doug Holmes from Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation (UWC) talked about how workers’ compensation factors into the “Medicare for All” push. Is “Medicare for All” a serious possibility? It does poll well with the public and it is a focus of the Democratic Party including all of […]

Managing Pain Without Opioids

At the 2019 National Council of Self Insurers  Annual Meeting a panel discussed managing chronic pain without medications. The speakers were: Mark Pew – Preferred Medical Geralyn Datz, PhD. – Southern Behavioral Medicine Associates Becky Curtis – Take Courage Coaching Pain is your body’s reaction to a stimuli. One way to alter that reaction is […]

Healthcare Pricing and Workers’ Compensation

At the 2019 National Council of Self Insurers Annual Meeting, Joe Paduda from Health Strategy Associates discussed how changes in the healthcare marketplace are impacting the price of medical services in workers’ compensation Over half of all medical costs for workers’ compensation go to facilities. This includes hospital inpatient and outpatient services, and physician charges […]

Tips and Tools for Risk Management

At the 2018 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting a panel of employers discussed workers’ compensation tips. The panel was: Rob Quast – Director of Risk Managment, Kroger Janet Kral – VP Risk Management, Nordstrom Zoe Zinn – WC Program Manager, Packaging Corporation of America Max Koonce – Managing Director, Sedgwick (Moderator) What is your […]

Issues Facing Self-Insured Employers: Past, Present and Future

At the 2018 National Council of Self Insurer’s Annual Meeting, Max Koonce from Sedgwick talked about issues facing self-insured employers now and into the future. The very definition of employee and injury are changing. A recent Supreme Court case in California dramatically shifted the definition of who is an employee (vs independent contractor). The courts […]

Safety Technology at Disney

At the 2018 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Ivan Diaz from Walt Disney Company talked about their safety efforts. Safety has always been a core part of Disney’s culture at their theme parks. If you look back at the letters that Walt Disney himself sent to new employees at Disneyland back in the 1950s, […]

Case Study: Safeway’s Program to Identify and Intervene with “At-Risk” Employees to Enhance Recovery

At the 2015 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Safeway discussed their claims early intervention program. The presenters were Anita Weir, Director of Medical & Disability Management and Denise Gillen-Algire, Director of Managed Care & Disability. Understanding the Dynamics of Delayed Recovery: A small number of claims drives a large percentage of the costs. Clinically […]

State Initiatives: Success of Medical Cost Containment Measures

At the 2015 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Conference, Natasha Moore from NCCI discussed the effectiveness of medical fee schedules and other cost containment measures that states have recently implemented. Characteristics of a well-defined fee schedule include: Specific maximum reimbursement rates for procedures instead of reimbursement based on a percentage of billed charges. Being comprehensive […]

Critically Important Claims Management Principles That are Almost Never Used, But Save Lives and Money

At the National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Dr. Robert Barth presented a session discussing some medical management issues that can have a significant impact on the well being of injured workers and also save employers money. Dr. Barth’s main hypotheses were: Non-work-related factors are driving the overwhelming majority of workers’ compensation costs. Workers’ compensation […]

The Use of Tactical Remote Surveillance Technology in Workers’ Compensation

At the 2015 National Council of Self-Insurers Conference, Michael Caldarazzo from presented a session on the use of tactical remote surveillance technology in workers’ compensation. The Surveillance Vehicle: The vehicle must “blend” Vehicle should not be a car. Once on site, you cannot break position (bathroom, food, etc.) You never want to do “up-front […]

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