A Conversation on Permanent Impairment

At the 2019 IAIABC Annual Convention, a session discussed the challenges and controversy around the use of the AMA Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. This was a live “Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark” session moderated by Kimberly George from Sedgwick and Mark Walls from Safety National. Their guests were: Abbie Hudgens […]

IAIABC Heads of Delegation Forum

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissioners (IAIABC) brings together workers’ compensation regulations from around the world with the industry they regulate to discuss a variety of issues. It is a great opportunity for the workers’ compensation community to interact with the industry regulators. One of the highlights of the event is the […]

Controlling Opioids in Workers’ Compensation

At the 2018 IAIABC Annual Conference a panel discussed efforts to control inappropriate opioid use in workers’ compensation claims. The speakers were: Dr Gary Franklin – Medical Director, Washington State Department of Labor and Industry Dr Dinesh Govindarao – Chief Medical Officer, State Compensation Insurance Fund Joe Paduda – Principal, Health Strategy Associates The opioid […]

IAIABC Regulators Roundtable

At the 2018 IAIABC Annual Conference, regulators from the attending jurisdictions discussed some current issues of interest. Challenge of Technology: There is a lot more we could be doing with regard to technology. Part of the challenge to this is an aging workforce (on the regulatory and judicial side) that is somewhat resistant to change. […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

At the IAIABC Annual Convention in Williamsburg, VA, Celena Thompson, clinical psychologist with the Hampton VA Medical Center discussed how the VA diagnoses PTSD. With more states considering PTSD legislation under workers’ compensation, it is important for legislators and regulators to consider coming up with rules around the diagnosis of this condition. The VA’s diagnostic […]

Medical Marijuana in Workers’ Compensation

At the 2017 IAIABC Annual Convention, a session discussed the challenges and potential of medical marijuana in workers’ compensation. The speakers were: Matthew Fisher – Partner, Reinisch, Wilson, Weier PC Sherry Hickey – Assistant Vice President of Medical Management, Safety National One of the first challenges with medical marijuana is the conflict between state and […]

Injured Workers’ Perspective on Prevention and Return to Work

At the 2017 IAIABC Annual Convention, Curtis Weber with High Voltage Consulting shared his story as a severely injured worker who went on to become a safety trainer and consultant. Curtis was just a normal kid from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was active and sports loving. At age 17, he had passed […]

Telemedicine in workers’ compensation

At the 2017 IAIABC Annual Conference Michele Hibbert-Iaobacci from Mitchell International gave a presentation on how telemedicine can change workers’ compensation. The need for telemedicine on the healthcare side is highlighted by the shortage of physicians which is continually getting worse. Telemedicine allows patients in both rural and populated areas to easily see doctors. This […]

Controlling Opioid Abuse in Ohio

At the IAIABC Annual Convention, Nicholas Trego, Clinical Operations Manager with the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation discussed their strategies to reduce inappropriate opioid consumption on claims. The State of Ohio is the monopolistic workers’ compensation carrier. The program started in 2014 when they gained access to the Ohio PDMP. This allowed them to access […]

IAIABC Regulators Forum

At the 2017 International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) Annual Convention, workers’ compensation regulators from around the nation discussed regulatory and policy issues in their jurisdiction. New Mexico Just filed a 16% decrease in workers’ compensation rates. They are getting push back on that from carriers who feel it is excessive and […]

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