NCCI update at SAWCA

At the 2019 SAWCA All- Committee Conference, Clarissa Preston and David Benedict from NCCI provided an update on legislative issues around the nation. Federal level TRIA reauthorization is one of the most important issues facing the insurance industry right now. A House Committee has passed a bill to reauthorize TRIA for another 7 years. Hearings […]

Insurance Industry Roundtable

At the 2019 SAWCA All-Committee Conference, a panel of representatives from the insurance industry discussed a variety of issues. The speakers were: Steve Nowak – Trean Corp Mark Walls – Safety National Jeff Eggleston – AKERA Jeremy Terry – KEMI Melissa Blatt – Encova Billy Roberts – AMFed Barbara Cullum – Eastern Alliance Andrew Pauley […]

Regulator Panel at SAWCA

The Southern Association of Workers’ Compensation Administrators (SAWCA) is an organization that provides educational and networking opportunities to both state workers’ compensation regulators and members of the community that they regulate. At the 2019 SAWCA All-Committee Conference, a panel of regulators discussed a variety of issues. The panel was: Frank McKay – Chairman, Georgia State […]

Employer Panel at SAWCA

At the 2019 SAWCA Annual Convention, Mark Walls from Safety National moderated a panel discussion featuring large employers who all retain risk on their workers’ compensation programs. The panel featured: Brenda Ratcliff – Shaw Industries Connie Chandler – United Postal Services Elizabeth Bailey – Waffle House Marc Salm – Publix Supermarkets Melisa Yopp – Tyson […]

State Anti-Fraud Efforts Targeting Non-Compliant Employers

At the 2019 SAWCA Annual Convention, a panel discussed how state regulators monitor employer compliance with regard to purchasing workers’ compensation coverage. The panel was: Scott Beck – South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission Tanner Holloman – Florida Workers’ Compensation Commission Amanda Terry – Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Commission Stan Bexley – Georgia Workers’ Compensation Committee Bob […]

Market Cycles in Workers’ Compensation

At the 2019 SAWCA Annual Convention, Tom Hebson from York Risk Services gave a presentation on market cycles in workers’ compensation. Workers compensation has long been characterized by “hard” and “soft” market cycles. In a hard market cycle competition is limited and rates rise. In a soft market cycle you see more completion which drives […]

Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Update

At the 2019 SAWCA Annual Convention a panel discussed challenges around Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. The panel was: Diana Leahy – ISO (moderator) Rafael Gonzalez – President Settlement Solutions, United Health Group/Optum C. Wade McGuffey, Jr – Partner, Goodman McGuffey LLP Elizabeth Costner – Attorney The landscape for Medical Secondary Payer compliance has been constantly […]

Things That Make Bob Go Hmmmmm…..

At the 2018 SAWCA All Committee Conference, Bob Wilson from hosted a panel discussion looking at issues that make him go hmmmm. The panelists were: Dr. Robert Snyder – State of Tennessee Frank McKay – State of Georgia Paul Tauriello – State of Colorado Debrah Watkins – Care Bridge International Identity Theft In an […]

2018 Election Update

At the 2018 SAWCA All Committee Conference, Laura Hart Bryan from NCCI discussed her thoughts on how the recent election will impact workers’ compensation systems around the nation. One of the key things to note about the 2018 mid-term election was the high voter turnout. Around 113 million people voted, which was a 30 million […]

SAWCA Carrier Roundtable

At the 2018 SAWCA All Committee Conference, a panel of carrier representatives discussed a wide variety of issues that are impacting the workers’ compensation industry. The panel was: Tom Hebson – York Risk Services Group Mark Walls – Safety National Shawn Mackey – Midwest Employers Tom Glasson – AIG Recent Election Impact on Workers’ Compensation […]

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