Data Privacy and the CCPA

At the 2019 WCIRB Annual Meeting, a session discussed data privacy concerns under the strong data privacy laws in California. The speakers were: Jeremy Merz – American Property Casualty Insurance Association Nicholas Roxborough – Roxborough Pomerance Nye & Adreani Mark Webb – Prop 23 Advisors The 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect in […]


Opening Keynote at WCIRB Annual Conference

At the 2019 WCIRB Annual Conference, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara talked about the many challenges they are trying to address at their department. Among his comments: The biggest concern right now is the impact of wildfires on California residents. How do we continue to provide affordable and accessible property insurance to everyone when the […]


Opening Remarks from WCIRB CEO Bill Mudge

At the WCIRB Annual Meeting, President and CEO Bill Mudge talked about the history of California Workers’ Compensation and the concerns for the future. The session started with a review of the history of California workers’ compensation. Due to a combination of unintended consequences of legislation and case law, carrier combined ratios skyrocket during the […]

State of the California System

At the 2019 WCIRB Annual Conference, Dave Bellusci, WCIRB Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary talked about the status of the California workers’ compensation system. Some key talking points were: Total premiums in California have dropped since 2017 after 7 straight years of increase. There are $15.7 billion in premiums forecast for 2019. Employer payroll […]

Future of Work: Fear, Reality, False Alarms

At the 2017 WCIRB Annual Conference, a session discussed the future of work and what his reality vs hype. The speakers were: Ward Brooks, WCIRB Vice President, Research Bill Mudge, WCIRB President and CEO There are a wide variety of views on this issue. Some feel that automation will significantly eliminate jobs in the future, […]

Friction in the Workers’ Compensation System

At the 2017 WCIRB Annual Conference a session discussed friction issues in the worker’s compensation system. The speakers were: Saul Allweiss, Attorney, Law Offices of Allweiss and McMurtry Tony Milano, WCIRB Vice President, Actuary Frictional costs in workers’ compensation are significantly higher than other systems. For example, to deliver $1 in benefits it cost: $0.04 […]

Medical Changes Impacting Workers’ Compensation

At the 2017 WCIRB Annual Conference, a session discussed the how changes in medical science are impacting workers compensation. The speakers were: Roman Kownacki, M.D., Chief Medical Director, Occupational Health, Kaiser Permanente Linda Radler, WCIRB Managing Director, Medical Analytics Opioids California is working to develop a prescription drug formulary and the expectation is that will […]

State of the System: WCIRB Perspective

At the 2017 WCIRB Annual Conference Dave Bellusci, WCIRB Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary, presented an update on the state of California workers’ compensation. The highlights: Premiums in California have doubled from 2009 to 2015. This is a combination of rate increases and payroll increases. Since 2015 the premium growth has moderated due to […]

WCIRB Research Forum

At the 2016 WCIRB Conference a panel discussed some of the geographic variations in costs seen in the California workers’ compensation system. This was a compendium of a variety studies done by WCIRB and CWCI. California has significant differences in wage levels and occupations by geographic area in the state. There are also variations in […]

State of the System: WCIRB perspective

At the WCIRB California Annual Conference, Chief Actuary Dave Bellusci presented their update on the California workers’ compensation system. 2015 was the sixth consecutive year of $1 billion premium growth in California. This is expected to flatten or decrease slightly in 2016 because of lower rates. In 2015 California accounted for 29% of the total […]

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