PTSD and Its Dopplegangers

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has received increasing attention in the media, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst what seems to be an epidemic of many mass shootings. Such attention draws concern that diagnosis may be overutilized or misunderstood. A panel of experts recently broke down the diagnostic criteria for PTSD at the 2023 Workers’ […]

Workplace Violence and Organizational Disruption: How to Prevent, Mitigate and Manage Workplace Violence Effectively

According to OSHA, an estimated two million employees are victims of workplace violence (WPV) each year. Without proper preparation, workplace violence can cause detrimental and far-reaching effects on multiple dimensions of an organization. Economic issues are to be expected, but the one element typically absorbing the most damage is the most important asset to an […]

Finding New Value in Data and Enhancing Its Utilization

We have seen significant shifts in many aspects of the employment environment over the last several years – generational workforce changes, expectation of remote work options, cultural and societal shifts, and wage inflation to name a few. Additionally, we have seen a significant increase in the use of technology in all aspects of our lives, […]

The Five Generations in the Workforce

For the first time in history, five different generations make up the workplace. What kind of challenges does this present for today’s employers, and how does a generational workforce affect one’s ability to manage people? In this session from the 2023 Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference, expert Risk Managers identify key traits, beliefs, and life […]

What Does Medical Care for Workers’ Compensation Look Like in the Future?

The medical care and recovery environment of an injured worker largely determines the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. New medical technology, expanded telehealth, and AI have all contributed to the effectiveness of this process, offering a more holistic approach. In this session at WCI’s 2023 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, a panel discussed what medical […]

Winning Strategies for Workers’ Compensation Risk Management

This session at WCI’s 2023 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference highlighted program strategies from the three winners of National Underwriter’s 2023 Excellence in Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Award. Bryan Conner, Manager of Workers’ Compensation, American Airlines American Airlines has a massive workforce, employing over 100,000 workers. These jobs are physically-demanding, including roles ranging from ticket agents […]

Carrier Roundtable

At the 2023 SAWCA Annual Convention, a panel addressed issues specific to the workers’ compensation carriers who provide coverage for many employers across the nation. This panel included: Carey Armistead – Sompo International Patrick Hiles – Safety National Max Koonce – Sedgwick Moderator: Tom Glasson – AIG Impeding Processes and Procedures Regulators need to ensure […]

How Workers’ Compensation Is Evolving Post-Pandemic

Workers’ compensation began as a system for injured workers in the early 1900s. Since that time we have seen numerous changes within each state system evolving to where we are today; however, the basic construct of workers’ compensation has remained the same. The last several years have ushered in many new practices within the workers’ […]

Risk Challenges Facing Companies in Transition: New Businesses, Big Growth, Restructures and Change

The last few years have been major challenges for risk managers. Besides COVID-19, risk managers have had to face dramatic changes in business demands, supply chain and economic disruptions, the Great Resignation, court shutdowns, “yo-yoing” workers’ compensation costs, hard insurance markets, work-from-home and return-to-the-workplace issues. Some companies got bigger by growth or acquisition, some went […]

Creating a Gold Star Return-to-Work Program

How do you train managers on return to work and applying light duty restrictions? How do you know you’re selecting the right vendors and physicians? At the 2022 Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference in Orlando, an interactive session including audience members and an expert panel share the highs and lows of their return-to-work programs. Speakers included: […]

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