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Access to Care, Return to Work in a Pandemic

Originally published on Insurance Thought Leadership | May 12, 2020 As businesses around the country prepare to reopen, there is a concerted effort made to prioritize the safety of the workforce. Employers are also preparing to face more leaves of absence than ever as they account for employee childcare needs,…

Ask the Experts: The Impact of COVID-19 on Workers’ Compensation

Originally published on PC360 | May 7, 2020 Since starting the Out Front Ideas COVID-19 Briefing Webinar Series just a couple of weeks ago, we have been receiving questions regarding COVID-19 and how it is changing the landscape of workers’ compensation. With daily changes in regulations occurring across the country,…

Pain Management, Wellbeing in Pandemic

Originally published on Insurance Thought Leadership | May 4, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has put an enormous strain on the healthcare system, delaying non-emergency medical care, potentially creating a higher risk for pain patients. However, the behavioral health community is adjusting with transitions to telemedicine and other alternatives that allow…

Tech Is Advancing the Biopsychosocial Care Movement. Is Your Workers’ Comp Program Ready?

New technologies promise better treatment plans and faster recovery, but do carriers and brokers think they’re worth the money? Lisa Haug, Managing Director of Medical Management, discussed using data to assess an injured workers’ biopsychosocial factors in her latest interview with Risk & Insurance. View the article

CEO Perspective: Business Continuity During COVID-19

Originally published on PC360 | April 21, 2020 Potential business disruptions are part of a company’s regular continuity plan. Still, few were prepared for the impact of a global pandemic that has shut down businesses around the world. Many companies have faced challenging decisions like laying off or furloughing employees…

Five Tips to Keep your Workforce and Customers Safe When Using Disinfectants

Originally published on | April 7, 2020 No longer exclusive to healthcare, regularly disinfecting surfaces has become a way of doing business during COVID-19. For essential services, it represents a commitment to both workforce and customers alike. It is important to note that, much like any chemical, disinfectants come…

The Real Impact of COVID-19 on Workers’ Compensation

Originally published on PC360 | March 26, 2020 There is much discussion right now on the impact that COVID-19 (the coronavirus) will have on workers’ compensation. Most of this discussion has focused on the potential for claims activity arising from the virus. The determination of whether a communicable disease is…

20 Workers’ Compensation Issues to Watch in 2020

Mark Walls, Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis, joined forces with Kimberly George, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, M&A and Healthcare at Sedgwick, to identify 20 important workers’ compensation trends that should be on everyone’s radar for 2020. View the full article on Insurance Thought Leadership.

Diving into Online Safety Training? Here are 5 Key Things to Know

E-learning is a good way to expand safety training options, but there are some factors for risk managers to consider before starting the program. Matt Hesemann, Senior Client Services Representative, shares five key factors to consider in his latest article with PC360. View the article here.

Understanding the Big Picture in Workers’ Compensation Costs

Check out the latest article from Mark Walls, Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis, explaining the nuances of pricing in the retention market. See what bureau data does and does not include and how catastrophic workers’ compensation claim trends are evolving. View full article

Navigating Changing Tides

Chief Underwriting Officer Gus Aivaliotis is Insurance Business America’s Industry Icon this month. View the article for his insights on the evolution of underwriting, including topics like the gig economy, technology, an ever-changing regulatory environment and understanding the value embedded in your data.

Social Determinants of Workforce Health

Discover how living conditions and environment have a tremendous impact on healthcare and workers’ compensation outcomes in the latest article by Mark Walls, Safety National’s Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis, and Kimberly George, Sedgwick’s Senior Vice President and Senior Healthcare Adviser. View the article here on Insurance Thought Leadership.