Excess Workers’ Compensation

For over 70 years, Safety National has been the leading provider of excess workers’ compensation to self-insured employers and groups. See how self-insurance offers more control, aggressive claims management and improved cash flow advantages not found in first dollar programs.

Large Casualty Program

Safety National’s Large Casualty Program includes large deductible workers’ compensation, commercial auto and general liability coverage. We also offer solutions for public entities, including a multi-line program with auto liability, general liability and professional lines coverage.

Loss Portfolio Transfer

A Safety National loss portfolio transfer can help allocate outstanding loss liabilities, improve balance sheets, eliminate claim liabilities in the merger and acquisition process, potentially release collateral from the state, eliminate administrative costs and more.

Self-Insurance Bonds

Self-insurance bonds can be a quick, cost-effective way to satisfy regulatory security requirements without tying up precious capital. See how a self-insurance bond provides self-insured employers a viable alternative to posting collateral directly with the state.

Opt-Out Programs

Safety National offers solutions for Oklahoma and Texas employers through qualified employers’ excess indemnity programs that provide excess coverage over an occupational injury benefit plan as well as excess employers’ liability coverage.