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Remote Consultation

Safety National’s Risk Control professionals are available to answer questions and provide assistance over the phone or electronically.

Consultant Network

Safety National┬« maintains a nationwide network of independent consultants that work with organizations to improve risk control and safety management programs as well as provide specialized services such as ergonomics and industrial hygiene assessments. Safety National’s Risk Control Department works with policyholders to match specific needs and requests to the appropriate consultant, providing high-level oversight of the project.

  • Risk control evaluations – including operations review, exposure analysis, incident cause analysis, loss trend analysis, and best practice recommendations to strengthen employee safety and health programs.
  • Risk control action plans – including establishing mutually agreed-upon risk control goals in accordance with corporate objectives and assistance outlining a strategy and action plan designed to achieve these goals.
  • Job task analysis – including ergonomic evaluations, risk assessments and job safety analysis.
  • Training and education – including classes and seminars on safety and risk control topics geared toward managers, supervisors and employees.
  • Compliance reviews – including evaluations against corporate policies and procedures, and regulatory compliance (OSHA, etc.).
  • Industrial hygiene/health services – including exposure identification, analysis and monitoring of work processes, pre-operations consultations and developing cost-effective recommendations for control.

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