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Safety National Purchases Workers’ Comp Kit

Safety National Purchases Workers’ Comp Kit®

St. Louis, MO (August 11, 2011) Safety National has acquired the Workers’ Comp Kit® from Amaxx Risk Solutions. This unique online resource helps assess the client’s post-injury Workers’ Comp practices and procedures, recommends improvements, and provides materials and expertise to implement changes.

Safety National policyholders will receive free access to the Workers’ Comp Kit® as part of their relationship with the company. For buyers of insurance, brokers and agents, and other insurance organizations, Safety National has partnered with Advisen to service and support all other parties utilizing this software to help ensure the Workers’ Comp Kit® retains and grows its reputation for reducing workers’ compensation expenses.

“As the nation’s leading provider of Excess Workers’ Compensation solutions, we are thrilled to add this tool to the Safety National arsenal as the Workers’ Comp Kit® has clearly become a proven way to lower post-injury cost drivers for our clients,” said David Snodgrass, director – risk control services at Safety National. “Purchasing this program is consistent with Safety National’s philosophy of working in partnership with our policyholders to help lower claim costs.”

Ed Forer, executive vice president at Advisen, elaborated, “The Workers’ Comp Kit® addresses a need that buyers and brokers repeatedly tell us must be met. We are excited to help risk managers develop a consistent approach to managing post-injury procedures at their various business locations, which ultimately saves them money.”

About Workers’ Comp Kit®

Many employers face growing workers’ compensation expenses and are placing greater reliance on brokers and insurers to help reverse the trend. The Workers’ Comp Kit® enables an employer, broker and insurer to work collaboratively to improve best practices and reduce expenses. This program’s applications combine interactive tools to perform assessments, highlight areas for improvement, make recommendations, create plan implementations and monitor their post-injury performance.

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Workers’ Comp Kit