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Safety National Contributes to myMatrixx Opioid Case Study

Unmanageable Or Simply Unmanaged? A Look Inside An Opioid Drug Treatment Case In workers’ compensation, it is commonplace for Pharmacy Benefit Management companies (PBM’s) to inherit catastrophic cases. This study tells of one such claim that myMatrixx faced. Drug therapy costs had reached alarming heights and the claim was in…

Safety National Releases Report on Self-Insured Groups

Safety National, announced today the release of a report detailing best practices for Self-Insured Groups (SIGs). The company is the overall leading provider of excess workers’ compensation coverage in the U.S., including for SIGs. The report provides advice based on years of experience working with successful and stable groups. “Self-Insured…

Best’s Review Highlights Safety National’s Success in Excess Work Comp Market

Best’s Review magazine featured Safety National prominently in its January 2011 article entitled “video interview