Defending Psych/Stress Claims

At the 2015 California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation Annual Conference, Dr. David Hall and Marc Liebowitz from the law firm Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi presented a session titled, “Psych/Stress Claims – How Not to Go Crazy Just Because Your Employee Did.” This session addressed the interplay between medical and legal issues in California with […]

What Will Workers’ Compensation Look Like in 20 Years?

At the 67th Annual SAWCA Convention, Frank Neuhauser, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Social Insurance (CSSI) at University of California at Berkeley, opened this keynote session by discussing the future of workers’ compensation. Workers’ Compensation’s Inefficient Delivery He noted that the current system does not efficiently address the issues that employers […]

Insights from an Innovative Self Insurer

At the 2015 WCIRB Annual Conference, Bill Zachry, Group Vice President of Risk Management from Safeway, Inc., presented a session highlighting their approach to self-insurance. Safeway’s program is costing about 40% of what their industry peers’ programs cost. They focus on providing quality care to injured workers who will deliver superior outcomes. Their managed care […]

Case Study: Safeway’s Program to Identify and Intervene with “At-Risk” Employees to Enhance Recovery

At the 2015 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Safeway discussed their claims early intervention program. The presenters were Anita Weir, Director of Medical & Disability Management and Denise Gillen-Algire, Director of Managed Care & Disability. Understanding the Dynamics of Delayed Recovery: A small number of claims drives a large percentage of the costs. Clinically […]

Critically Important Claims Management Principles That are Almost Never Used, But Save Lives and Money

At the National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Dr. Robert Barth presented a session discussing some medical management issues that can have a significant impact on the well being of injured workers and also save employers money. Dr. Barth’s main hypotheses were: Non-work-related factors are driving the overwhelming majority of workers’ compensation costs. Workers’ compensation […]

Challenges in Managing Claims in a Diverse Workforce

At the 2015 National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Conference, a panel discussed the challenges of managing claims in a diverse workforce. The panels were: Michele Adams – Walt Disney World Resorts Loyd Hudson – American Electric Power Max Koonce – Walmart Disney has a diverse workforce. In fact, employees at Disney World speak three primary […]

Behavioral Medicine and Coaching Interventions in Chronic Pain

Significant understanding of the behavioral neuroscience of pain has developed over the past 20 years and has helped evolve dynamic evaluation and treatment models that work successfully in the workers’ compensation system. These models show positive results, not only in advanced claims with chronic pain and opioid dependence/addiction, but in early proactive claims intervention to […]

Looking Into the Future to Control Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Leading Self-Insured Groups (SIGs) are finally embracing “BIG DATA” trends and initiatives are underway to focus the power of machine learning on the claims and underwriting operations of SIGs. Advanced analytics and predictive modeling are helping SIGs improve loss ratios, enhance dividends and improve their market position. This was the subject of a 2015 SIIA […]

Insurance Carrier Executives Pinpoint Emerging Issues

This RIMS 2015 panel gathered senior executives from insurance carriers to discuss what they believe are the emerging issues in the insurance marketplace. Speakers Included: Daniel Riordan, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Global Corporate, North America John Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Insurance, AIG John Lupica, Chairman – Insurance, North America, ACE Group Thomas Lawson, President, […]

How Diversity Impacts Workers’ Compensation Strategies

This session at the National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference in Las Vegas focused on the increasing diversity in today’s workforce and how that is impacting workers’ compensation. Jennifer De La Torre, Executive Director of Workforce Diversity at AT&T, and Elizabeth Demaret, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Relationship Officer at Sedgwick, explained how the aging, […]

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