Telephonic Case Management

At the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference, David Jones from Express Scripts, Inc., and Peter Greaney from WorkCare, Inc., presented a case study in how Express Scripts used telephonic case management to improve their claims results.  Express Scripts is a pharmacy benefit management service that is one of the largest dispensers of medications […]

Important Elements of Successful Return-to-Work Programs

Return-to-work programs frequently get cited as essential claims management tools for helping injured workers recover while eliminating employer costs. Yet many employers have not implemented programs, perhaps fearing that the task is too daunting. This session at the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference offered strategies to create a return-to-work program. Speakers included: Ann-Marie […]

Causation Standards and Medical Experts

At the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference, Stuart Colburn from Downs Stanford P.C and Jacob Lazarovic, M.D., from Broadspire explained causation standards that can assist in defending soft tissue claims.  Causation standards vary significantly by jurisdiction. The exact same argument in two different states can result in two different results based on how […]

Sorting Out Pain Management Guidelines

Medical treatment guidelines can improve worker health by helping doctors and nurses deliver proper care. Multiple pain guidelines exist and, as their use grows, there is a greater need for claims managers to learn how they are best applied. This session at the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference illustrated the purpose of chronic […]

Teddy Award-Winning Employers Showcase Their Successful Strategies

This roundtable session at the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference provided key strategies and tangible practices from this year’s Teddy Award Winners. Panelists included: Danielle Hill, Human Resources Compliance Manager, Hampton Roads Transit Jennifer Massey, Corporate Director of Safety and Health and Claims Management, Harder Mechanical Contractors Laurie English, Senior VP, Chief Human […]

The Advocacy Approach to Workers’ Compensation Claims

At the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disabilty Conference, a panel discussed using an advocacy approach to workers’ compensation claims management. The panel was: Denise Algire – Director Managed Care & Disability Corporate Risk, Albertsons Companies Scott Daniels – Director of Disability, Comcast William Wainscott – Manager Workers’ Compensation & Occupational Health, International Paper Kimberly […]

Bringing Value-Based Care to Workers’ Compensation

There is an industry consensus that shifting away from fee-for-service payments for medical treatment to value-based care will benefit workers’ compensation by linking medical-provider pay to patient outcomes. In this session at the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference, early adopters of values-based models explained their strategies, challenges encountered and results obtained. Speakers included: […]

Restoring Function and Returning to Work

At the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference, Marcos Iglesias from The Hartford and Robert Hall from Helios discussed the impact of disability and tools for improving outcomes for injured workers.  Ways injured workers are impacted by disability include: Loss of income – Not only during the course of the claim, but potential loss […]

How Mental Health Impacts Productivity and Performance

Mental health factors like stress, anxiety and depression contribute to disabilities, productivity losses and absences. Physical wellbeing and mental health are intertwined, therefore, both are necessary for recovery from injury and illness. In this session at the 2016 National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference, presenters discussed current research related to the topic and provided examples […]

Fueling Injury Recovery with Engaged Workers

Engaging injured workers in their own recovery and claims process makes practical sense. The more engaged, the more likely they will participate in positive behavior, helping them return to work sooner. But in a world of rapidly-changing technology, measures for engaging workers must evolve — or be doomed to fail. In the opening keynote session […]

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