Workplace Violence: Prevent the Threat

What is workplace violence?

  • The legal and Practical definitions of workplace violence
  • The four broad categories of workplace violence
  • The professions and situations which are most likely to encounter workplace violence

Employer’s Policies and Practices for Preventing Workplace Violence

  • Your employers responsibility in providing a violence free workplace
  • Your responsibilities as an employee in preventing workplace violence
  • Strategies to prevent each of the four types of workplace violence
  • The basics of all company emergency plans and what they will include
  • The additional protective measures that your employer will take to keep your workplace safe

Keeping You and Your Workplace Safe

  • The warning signs to be aware of in coworkers
  • Measures you can take to keep yourself safe

What to Do If Violence Does Occur

  • Handling a threatening behavior
  • Handling a violent situation
  • Recovering from workplace violence
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