Walking-Working Surfaces*

Guarding Openings & Holes

  • Learn the requirements for proper guarding of floor and wall openings and holes
  • Stairway floor openings
  • Ladderway floor openings
  • Floor holes
  • Wall openings
  • Open-sided floors, platforms & runways


  • Learn about safe work practices when working with ladders
  • Selecting the correct ladder for the job
  • Inspecting the ladder
  • Proper placement & setting up the ladder
  • Safe practices when climbing & working on ladders

Good Housekeeping

  • Keeping your work area clean and organized
  • Working on different surfaces
  • Your role in preventing injuries

Stairway Safety

  • Using stairways
  • Keeping stairways safe


  • Learn about safe measures to prevent slips, trips and falls while working on scaffolds.
  • Recognizing the most common hazards when working on scaffolds
  • Engineering controls used to protect your safety
  • Safe work practices that can prevent injuries
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