Valve Safety

Types of Valves

  • Explain why valves are important in everyday life
  • Describe how valves work
  • Identify the characteristics of different types of valves

Risk Assessment

  • Describe the importance of a risk assessment
  • Identify the potential consequences of valve incidents
  • Identify common valve related injuries
  • Specify what to consider when conducting a hazard analysis
  • Recognize how the physical location of the valve can contribute to potential hazards

Ergonomic Issues

  • Identify risk factors that contribute to strains & sprains
  • Demonstrate proper posture
  • Use ergonomic solutions to work tasks

Working Safely With Valves

  • Selection and use of tools and PPE
  • Lockout and tagout requirements
  • Good housekeeping practices
  • Replacing, inspecting, cleaning and storing valves
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