Steel Erection – Construction


  • Types of activities covered by the OSHA steel erection standards
  • Common potential hazards during steel erection activities
  • Written approval requirements before steel erection work can begin
  • Site layout and pre-planning measures

Hoisting & Rigging

  • Crane & rigging inspections
  • Safe hoisting & rigging procedures, including working under loads
  • Requirements for multiple lift rigging procedures

Structural Steel Assembly

  • Learn about requirements for maintaining structural stability during the steel erection process
  • Multi-story structures
  • Walking/working surfaces
  • Plumbing up
  • Metal decking

Column Anchorage, Beams & Columns

  • Learn about the hazards associated with column stability and, specifically, the proper use of anchor rods or bolts to ensure column stability
  • Anchoring columns
  • Placing beams and columns
  • Diagonal bracing
  • Double connections
  • Perimeter columns

Open Web Steel Joists

  • Learn how to increase your protection from the most hazardous activities during joist erection general requirements for erecting steel joists
  • Field bolting joists
  • Attaching and erecting steel joists
  • Erection bridging
  • Landing and placing loads

Systems Engineered Metal Buildings

  • Learn about requirements for erecting systems – engineered metal buildings safely
  • Column anchorage
  • Bolting for rigid frames
  • Placing construction loads
  • Girt and eave strut-to-frame connections
  • Steel joists
  • Anchorage points
  • Purlins as walking/working surfaces

Fall Protection

  • Learn about the unique fall protection requirements for steel erection activities
  • The use of perimeter safety cables
  • Fall protection for all steel erection workers
  • Special fall protection situations for connectors and deckers
  • Requirements for controlled decking zones
  • Falling object protection
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