Static Electricity

What is Static Electricity?

  • Learn about the nature of static electricity
  • The costs of uncontrolled static electricity in the work place
  • How static electricity occurs
  • Factors that influence static electricity
  • What causes static sparks

Potential Hazards

  • The consequences of static electricity in the work place
  • Common tasks with the potential for static charges
  • The hazards of static sparking
  • How static electricity can contribute to fires and explosions

Controlling Static Electricity

  • Factors that affect static charge accumulation
  • Methods to control static electricity
  • How to determine the best solution
  • How grounding & bonding and other methods work

Safe Work Practices

  • Learn what you can do to prevent static electricity in your work place
  • Proper clothing and personal protective equipment
  • Use of tools and equipment
  • Working with flammable liquids
  • Inspection & maintenance of equipment
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