Stairways & Ladders – Construction*

Ladder Selection Guidelines

  • Learn about the importance of selecting the correct ladder for the job.
  • Understanding the potential hazards in your work area
  • Choosing the correct duty rating
  • Determining the maximum working height
  • Considering the ladder’s ability to conduct electricity

Inspection & Maintenance

  • Learn how to properly care for and store your ladder to obtain many years of use.
  • Inspection guidelines
  • Proper care, storage and transportation of ladders

Setting Up a Ladder

  • Learn how to properly set up your ladder.
  • Potential hazards to be aware of
  • How to properly set-up a ladder
  • The proper placement of a ladder
  • How to secure the ladder
  • What to do if using a ladder on an incline or uneven surface

Safe Work Practices

  • Learn proper techniques to use while on a ladder to prevent potential injuries from happening.
  • How to maintain three points of contact
  • The proper way to reposition a ladder
  • Techniques for safe climbing
  • When fall protection is required

Construction Requirements

  • Learn about specific requirements for temporary job-made ladders and stairways, including the correct materials to use, proper components and dimensions, and methods of construction
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