Small Spill Cleanup

Basic Awareness

  • Knowing you facility’s emergency response plan
  • Being familiar with the chemicals in your area and their hazardous properties
  • Understanding container labels and material safety data sheets
  • Following safe practices to prevent spills from occurring

Preparing for Cleanup

  • The necessary steps to take after a spill occurs but before cleanup can take place
  • Evacuating and securing the area
  • Identifying the spilled substance and its hazardous properties
  • Determining the need for assistance and getting help immediately
  • Selecting and using the proper personal protective equipment

Containment and Cleanup

  • Steps for safely containing and cleaning up a spill
  • Using the right equipment and supplies for the job
  • Safe practices when cleaning up a spill
  • The importance of containing the spill
  • Neutralizing and cleaning up a spill
  • Collecting the waste, decontamination and disposal

Special Situations

  • Cleanup procedures
  • Laboratory spills
  • Outdoor spills
  • Flammable spills
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