Sexual Harassment: What Supervisors Need to Know

Laws & Programs

  • Review the two types of sexual harassment
  • Learn about the laws pertaining to sexual harassment
  • Review the effects that sexual harassment can have on a company
  • Learn the legal requirements of a company anti-harassment program
  • Learn the benefits of implementing an effective and comprehensive harassment prevention training program

Scenario 1

  • This scenario takes place at the office where we once again meet up with Mark. Mark has recently been promoted to a supervisory position in the Creative Design Department. Kathryn works in Finance.

Sexual Harassment Liability

  • Employer’s liability in sexual harassment lawsuits,
  • Factors that courts consider during sexual harassment lawsuits,
  • Damages that a victim may recover from an employer in a sexual harassment lawsuit

Scenario 2

  • This scenario takes place within a construction company

Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • What you as a supervisor can do to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace,
  • The proper procedure for handling a sexual harassment complaint from an employee at your company, as well as,
  • The steps that you should take if you suspect that sexual harassment is occurring

Scenario 3

  • In this scenario we see a situation occurring with the staff at the hospital.
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