Sexual Harassment: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Defining Sexual Harassment

  • The lawful definition of sexual harassment
  • The two main types of sexual harassment
  • The behaviors commonly associated with sexual harassment

Scenario 1

  • In this lesson you will be introduced to two people that work at the office, and you will see a situation that is occurring between Mark and Stacy

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

  • Learn about the four main characteristics of a hostile work environment, and what behaviors could be considered appropriate or inappropriate in the workplace

Scenario 2

  • Recently the company has hired a new employee, Danielle. She’s been working with Ted, Molly and Chris for about two weeks now, and has noticed that they frequently make references to sex in their discussions

If You Are Harassed

  • What to do if you have been the victim of sexual harassment
  • What each and every employer is required to do in cases of sexual harassment
  • The effects of allowing sexual harassment to continue unreported

Scenario 3

  • In this scenario we meet the staff at the hospital. This group works long hours together, often in shifts of twelve hours or more

Myths and Facts About Sexual Harassment

  • Learn some of the most common myths regarding sexual harassment and the facts that dispel those myths

Scenario 4

  • In this lesson we’ll meet some of the people that work in the factory. Eric, Courtney, Ann and Sam have been working together for a long time, as have many of the other people that work there.
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