Safety Orientation

Your Responsibility

  • You and your company’s responsibilities for job safety
  • How you can learn safety through work-related activities
  • When to report incidents and purposes of incident investigation

Illness, Causes & Prevention

  • Information on Ergonomics and ergonomic related injuries
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) and their leading causes
  • Best posture and how to prevent CTDs
  • The structure of the backbone
  • Causes of back injuries and how to prevent them

Preventive Measures

  • Good housekeeping procedures that help prevent incidents
  • Information communicated by signs, warnings, etc.
  • How to obtain information on evacuation route
  • Types of personal protective equipment

Hazard Communication

  • Container labeling systems
  • Material Safety Data Sheets and their contents
  • Topics or situations where additional training is required


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