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Safety National Statement on COVID-19 Support and Response

Since 1942, Safety National has played a vital role when catastrophic events occur. We have consistently responded during the worst times of crisis and, although the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, our commitment to our broker partners, policyholders, reinsurance cedants, and other business associates, will not waver.

While we are working remotely to ensure the safety of our employees, their families and our community, we can assure you that all of our operating systems are accessible and our rigorously tested business continuity plan is in place. We are committed to providing the responsive, relationship-based customer service that you have come to expect from Safety National.

Safety National’s Vision Statement details our pledge to be First with Clients, First with Co-Workers, and First with Community. During this extreme time of need, those three tenets served as our guiding principles to determine how to best support those that depend on us.

Premiums & Payroll Audits

We will continue to comply with all regulatory guidance around COVID-19 and work with our clients to make reasonable accommodations related to their insurance policies or reinsurance contracts. Safety National has always been a partner you can count on for flexibility and customization of your insurance and reinsurance programs. If there are concerns regarding late payment of premiums or premium adjustments due to payroll reductions, contact your broker to set up a discussion with your Safety National representative.

NCCI recently issued a FAQ document addressing many issues around wages, premiums, payroll reporting and coverage. This resource provides some guidance on how these issues are being addressed: COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation: What You Need to Know – Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ Compensation Reporting & Claims Handling

Safety National’s primary (including deductible) and self-insurance workers’ compensation policies all specifically cover any claims deemed compensable by the applicable jurisdiction. Safety National does not determine what is compensable. Please consult with your claims administrator on this issue because the determination is fact-specific on a case-by-case basis.

Our claims analysts and medical management experts are fully accessible and operational, actively working in tandem with our third-party administrator partners. If you have a claim to report, you may report it through our website.

Because of new regulatory reporting requirements associated with this pandemic, please instruct your claims administrator to report any claims involving a CONFIRMED COVID-19 DIAGNOSIS to Safety National.

a. All claims should be fully investigated to determine compensability based on the applicable facts and requirements of the jurisdiction. This includes an assessment of the likelihood that the virus was contracted at the workplace.

b. Claim coding – The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) has issued a statement regarding coding, which should be in place by April 1, for claims in December 2019 and going forward. More details on the WCIO can be found at their website:

i. Cause Code 83 for Pandemic ii. Nature Code 83 for COVID-19 iii. CAT code 12

Contact Us

We have established this general guide to help our clients during this challenging and unpredictable time. If there are issues specific to your account, please contact your broker to set up a discussion with the appropriate Safety National representative.

As always, your Safety National representative is available to help and will be responsive to your needs. To contact your representative, you may use our contact us form or reach out directly.

Please stay safe and healthy.