Respiratory Protection: Air Purifying Respirators

Respiratory Hazards

  • Different types of potential respiratory hazards
  • Oxygen deficient atmospheres, gases & vapors, and particulate contaminants
  • Their possible health effects on your respiratory system
  • Medical signs and symptoms of exposure • When respiratory protection is necessary

How Air-Purifying Respirators Work

  • Learn about the different types of air purifying respirators, including their features, capabilities, and limitations.
  • This is important to know in selecting the right respirator for the hazards present in your work environment.

Proper Fit

  • Learn the steps necessary to ensure you wear a proper fitting respirator, including:
  • Completing an initial medical evaluation
  • Fit testing procedures
  • Performing user seal checks
  • And steps to maintain a proper fit

Use & Care

  • The measures needed to maintain your respirator in good working order
  • Procedures for inspecting the respirator
  • Basic safe use practices
  • Cleaning and storing your respirator

Dust Masks

  • Proper use and care of dust masks
  • Their capabilities and limitations
  • Proper storage and inspection
  • How to obtain the best fit
  • Other safe work practices


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