Preventing Spills


  • What is process safety management
  • The objective of process safety management
  • The elements of process safety management

Participation, Information & Analysis

  • Learn about the elements of process safety management
  • Employee Participation
  • Process Safety Information
  • Process Hazard Analysis

Change & Safety Review

  • Management of Change
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review

Procedures, Training & Investigation

  • Written operating procedures
  • Employee training
  • Incident investigation

Mechanical Integrity & Emergencies

  • Learn about procedures for mechanical integrity and emergency planning and response
  • Requirements for written procedures
  • Documentation information required for inspections and tests
  • What to do if equipment deficiencies are found
  • The emergency action plan
  • Handling small releases
  • Communicating with outside response teams

Contractor Safety & Audits

  • The facility’s responsibilities regarding contractor safety
  • The contractor’s responsibilities for safe work practices, proper training, and hazard notification
  • Procedures for conducting effective audits
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