GMPs: Food Production Excellence

Introduction to GMPs

  • What GMPs are and why they are used
  • The history of GMPs
  • The importance of using GMPs
  • Who needs to comply with GMPs
  • The areas of your workplace covered by GMPs
  • The necessary training on GMPs

Personal responsibility in GMPs

  • Your employer’s responsibilities
  • Hand Washing
  • Hair Control
  • Jewelry
  • Prohibited Acts
  • Food and Drink
  • Personal Lockers
  • Clothing and PPE

Material controls

  • The bucket and brush program
  • Containers and labeling
  • Product storage
  • Facility, Processing and Sanitation Controls

Communicable conditions

  • Some common communicable diseases
  • The symptoms that you should be concerned about
  • How to control diseases
  • What to do if there is suspicion of exposure
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