Forklift Safety*

Introduction to Lift Trucks

  • The different types of lift trucks
  • Differences between lift trucks and automobiles
  • Common hazards when operating lift trucks
  • Basic controls & features of lift trucks

How Lift Trucks Work

  • Basic characteristics of lift trucks
  • Operating differences between lift trucks and automobiles
  • Principles of load capacity and the stability triangle
  • Risky actions to avoid when operating a lift truck
  • Proper load positioning and handling

Pre-Operation Inspection

  • How to conduct a pre-operation inspection of your lift truck to ensure it is in good working order
  • Visual checks
  • Operational checks
  • What to do when a lift truck does not pass inspection

Proper Load Handling

  • Skills for handling a load
  • Steps to take when preparing for the lift
  • Proper procedures for lifting a load
  • Setting a load
  • Traveling with a load

Safe Driving Skills

  • To protect your safety and your co-workers while driving a lift truck.
  • Hazard awareness
  • Safety measures while operating a lift truck
  • How to work safely around pedestrians
  • Safe driving skills to prevent incidents

Refueling & Battery Recharging

  • Basic steps for safely refueling
  • Electric trucks
  • Gasoline and diesel trucks
  • Propane, or LP gas trucks
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