First Responder (Awareness Level) Training Program

An overview of the goal and responsibilities of an Awareness

  • First Responders operate as part of a team. It’s the goal of this team to bring the spill successfully under control and reduce the potential risk to people and the environment

An overview of chemical labeling and chemical hazards

  • One of the best sources for information about any chemical is that chemical’s Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS

Proper handling of hazardous waste

  • To create a waste stream, wastes that have the same physical and chemical characteristics are placed in their own individual collection container
  • This segregated waste is then stored, treated and disposed of in the way that is most appropriate for that particular type of waste.

Proper procedures for a hazardous substance release

  • Contact the Incident Commander – it’s the Incident Commander’s job to oversee an emergency operation
  • Proper PPE
  • Secure the area
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