Electrical Safety*

How Electricity Works

  • Potential hazards of electricity
  • Ways to prevent hazards such as death and injury
  • When electricity becomes hazardous
  • How electricity works

Electrical Hazards

  • Results of electric shock
  • Factors that determine the severity of electrical injury
  • Burns caused by electricity
  • How water affects electrical flow
  • Other electrical hazards found in the workplace

Best Practices with Power Lines

  • Danger of overhead power lines
  • What conductive objects are
  • Best safety practices associated with power lines

GFCIs & Grounding

  • What GFCI is
  • How GFCI works
  • When to use GFCI and how to test it
  • How to ground equipment and electrical tools
  • Hazards to be aware of when grounding equipment

Extension Cords & Power Tools

  • How to select an extension cord
  • Best practices with extension cords
  • Best practices with power tools
  • How to fight an electrical fire
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