Electrical Safety – Shockproof Qualified

The Qualified Employee

  • Who is considered a “qualified” employee
  • What skills a qualified employee is required to know

Electrical Hazards

  • The various hazards associated with electricity
  • Electric shock
  • Arc flash
  • Arc blast
  • Falls

Reducing Your Risk

  • When a work permit is required
  • What information is necessary to fill out a work permit
  • Lockout and tagout procedures
  • Required personal protective equipment

Best Safety Practices

  • How to put safe work procedures into action.
  • Wearing the correct clothing
  • Avoiding conductive items
  • Proper equipment selection & use
  • Fall Prevention
  • Working in wet areas

Electrically Safe Work Communication

  • Planning before work begins
  • What is considered an electrically safe work condition
  • Characteristics of different approach boundaries

Performing Electrical Work

  • How to inspect gloves for defects or damage
  • Importance of conducting risk assessment
  • De-energizing equipment
  • When equipment is considered to be in an electrically safe work condition
  • Reenergizing equipment
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