Electrical Safety — Part 2

General Install Requirements

  • Learn installation safety requirements for electrical equipment.
  • Factors for judging the safety of equipment
  • Clearly identifying electrical equipment
  • Preventing contact with live electrical parts
  • Using overcurrent protection
  • Situations in which equipment must be grounded

Hazardous Locations

  • Which areas are considered as hazardous
  • How to classify hazardous locations
  • Common sources of ignition
  • Requirements for using equipment in hazardous locations

Work Practices

  • Learn about safety-related work practices to reduce your risk of injury from contact with energized equipment
  • Protective measures for working near electric power circuits
  • Locating energized electrical parts, equipment, and circuits
  • Identifying equipment that is being worked on
  • Guidelines for properly using and maintaining equipment

Flexible Cords & Cables

  • Learn work practices for safely using electric power cords on the construction site.
  • Acceptable uses of flexible cords and cables
  • Types of approved electric cords
  • Protecting cords and cables from damage
  • Reducing the risk of contacting electrical current

Equipment for General Use

  • Learn requirements for safely using common equipment found at the worksite
  • Requirements for lighting
  • Grounding portable and vehicle mounted generators
  • Handling batteries
  • Grounding cranes and hoists
  • Disconnecting power to elevators, escalators, and moving walks
  • Electric welders
  • X-ray equipment
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