Crane Safety: Mobile Cranes

Introduction to Cranes

  • Types of cranes used in construction
  • Considerations when selecting the right crane for the job
  • Common causes of crane accidents
  • Your responsibilities when working with or around cranes

Pre-Operation Setup & Inspection

  • The importance of proper site preparation & crane setup
  • The differences between frequent & periodic inspections
  • Pre-operation inspection procedures for mobile cranes

Planning a Lift

  • Learn about the importance of taking the time to carefully prepare for each lift
  • Things to consider before conducting a lift
  • How leverage and the crane’s center of gravity affect a lift
  • The importance of following the crane’s load charts
  • Safe practices while lifting a load

Safe Work Practices

  • Learn about additional safe work practices you should follow when operating your crane to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Communication procedures
  • Working near power lines
  • Working in enclosed spaces
  • Safe operation of the crane
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