Confined Space: Permit-Required*

Confined Spaces & Their Potential Hazards

  • Learn about the differences between confined spaces and permit- required confined spaces
  • How to identify permit-required confined spaces
  • What is considered an entry
  • Common types of permit-required confined spaces
  • Potential hazards of permit-required confined spaces

Entry Permit Requirements

  • When an entry permit is required
  • The types of information found on an entry permit
  • Proper entry permit procedures

Safe Work Practices

  • Learn about basic steps you can take to ensure that safety precautions are taken during confined space entry
  • Ventilation is used when needed
  • Proper lockout/tagout procedures are followed
  • Personal protective equipment is worn when necessary
  • Barricades, signs and other warning notices are posted and followed
  • Additional safety measures are taken as necessary

Attendant Responsibilities

  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the attendant during confined space entries Emergency Response
  • Learn how to handle an emergency situation during a permit-required confined space entry
  • The importance of proper planning
  • Requirements for in-house and off-site rescue personnel
  • Using respiratory protection
  • Training requirements
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