Confined Space Emergency Rescue


  • Explain the consequences of poorly planned rescues
  • Discuss why training and pre-planning are so important
  • Recognize risk factors involved in a confined space rescue

Pre-Planning and Training

  • Explain the differences between a confined space and a permit-required confined space
  • Identify the types of information to collect when evaluating a confined space
  • Formulate questions to ask while gathering information
  • Understand the minimum training requirements for rescue personnel

Potential Hazards

  • Define the differences between atmospheric and physical hazards
  • Identify symptoms associated with toxic gas exposure
  • Explain when monitoring is necessary
  • Determine precautions to take when physical hazards are present

Rescue Procedures

  • List the type of information you should collect when pre-planning
  • Recognize what each rescue team member’s duties should be
  • State the kind of information that should be received from the attendant
  • Explain the role of the rescue personnel after entering the confined space
  • Determine when CPR should be performed on a downed worker
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