Back Safety*

Basic Awareness

  • You will develop an understanding of back injuries and your role in prevention
  • Understand who is at risk for back injuries
  • Identify common risk factors
  • Explain the causes and effects of back injuries
  • Know your role in prevention

How Your Back Works

  • Learn how the individual parts of the back come together to form a working unit.
  • Identify the key components of the back
  • Explain how the parts work together as a whole
  • Understand how back injuries can occur


  • Understand why posture is important to the health of your back
  • Identify the elements of proper sitting and standing posture
  • Explain what is static posture and how to avoid it

Body Mechanics

  • Learn the importance of using proper body motions to protect your back from injury.
  • Explain what are body mechanics
  • Describe how twisting, bending and reaching motions can affect your back
  • Identify specific solutions to eliminate these motions

Lifting & Moving Loads

  • Learn techniques for lifting, carrying, moving and lowering loads to prevent back injuries
  • Identify risk factors that can lead to injury while lifting
  • Explain the importance of planning for each lift
  • Demonstrate proper lifting and moving techniques
  • Recognize poor lifting habits

Physical Condition

  • Learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the overall condition of your back.
  • Identify the benefits of a healthy diet, rest, and stress management
  • Explain the effects of weight gain and smoking on your back
  • Demonstrate basic stretches & exercises to prevent injury and promote a strong back
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