Employers with loss sensitive risk management programs know that every dollar spent on workplace accidents hits the bottom line. Safety National strives to help its policyholders use those resources toward injury prevention and claim cost containment. MAP Client Services will assist you in your Workers' Compensation Management, Analysis, and Prevention efforts and many are offered free of charge to Safety National's policyholders. Please ask your broker to contact us for additional information.

Management - Safety National understands the ongoing efforts required to develop and sustain successful safety and claim cost containment programs. Our safety management resources offer your organization a wealth of information and assistance in creating and managing day-to-day operations to protect your employees. In addition, our claims services provide assistance with your cost containment efforts.

Analysis - Measurement and analysis of both your upstream and downstream metrics are essential to the success of a Workers' Compensation Cost Containment program. Safety National offers online self-evaluation of both your Workers' Compensation program components and your Workers' Compensation Costs Comparison.

Prevention - Safety National believes prevention is the key to a successful Workers' Compensation program - every injury prevented saves lives and organizational costs. We provide a variety of resources to assist your safety and injury prevention program.

Safety Essentials Online

This online service provides a variety of resources to assist your organization, including day-to-day safety and health compliance, best practices, policies and written programs. In addition we provide handouts, newsletters, training materials, inspection lists, expert advice 24/7, daily updates and news, and more.



  • Diagnose Key Cost Drivers
  • Detect Gaps & Soft Spots
  • Deliver Solution & Action Plans


Safety Training Source

Safety Training Source - Safety National offers an alternative to traditional training through our self-paced, online training resource. Safety National offers online training and learning management system tracking available for every employee of every policyholder – over 150 titles FREE of charge. Training includes OSHA Compliance Topics, Defensive Driving, Safety Issues and more. The learning management system helps you assign courses, track progress and scores, and log completion of training; thus, helping you comply with regulatory requirements.


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